Original North American favorite Chinese Film Festival, high-profile name Liu Yifei, with special pictures

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. This year's Film Festival is either cancelled or postponed, which really makes many fans regret.

Not long ago, the Golden Globe announced that the 78th Golden Globe Awards ceremony, originally scheduled for January 2021, would be postponed to February 28, 2021.


in North America, the Golden Globe Award is one of the most important awards in the film and television industry, and its influence is only inferior to the Oscar. Since the award ceremony is held every year in January, it is the first award in North America, and it is widely regarded as a weathervane of the Oscars.

Compared with the Oscar's high and cold speed, the Golden Globe awards are very beneficial to Chinese films and filmmakers.

In the list of Golden Globe Awards, we can see that Zhang Ziyi has relied on memoirs of geisha to select the best actress, Zunlong relied on the year of the dragon and the last emperor to select the best actor twice.

However, in the Oscar list, there is hardly any precedent for Chinese actors and actresses to be shortlisted for best actor and actress.

In addition, more than a dozen Chinese films, such as Kung Fu, have been shortlisted for the best foreign language film at the Golden Globe Awards, while farewell my concubine and crouching tiger, hidden dragon have won the best foreign language film.

What is more surprising is that the Golden Globe Awards have their own official diplomatic accounts in the Chinese speaking region, with more than 370000 fans, and often release some film information and interact with Chinese fans.

Recently, Liu Yifei, relying on the film Hua Mulan, has once again made it to the most authoritative film magazine in North America, the yilaiwu report. In the cover, Hua Mulan, played by Liu Yifei, walks to the cinema with a mask and drinks. The yellow man holds popcorn and invites Liu Yifei to sit beside her.

In the cinema, a noisy scene. The Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurassic Park is on the front line, dessel of ET et et, great white shark, speed and emotion is in the front row, and subtle woman is in the center wearing a mask.

Liu Yifei entered the country as a cartoon version of Hua Mulan. A military uniform is both heroic, but in the eyes also with women's exclusive soft, add a pair of masks, it seems both alternative and likable.

The official account number of the Golden Globe awards also made a high-profile mention of Liu Yifei's cover. The Magazine focuses on summer films that have been scrapped this year because of the epidemic, he said.

Among these films, \

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